Who I am… 


As an Appalachian artist, storytelling and uncovering truth are at the forefront of what what I’m interested in.  As a theatre artist, they way I approach work comes from a pursuit of truth present in the work and uncovering it through community-building, movement, and artistic media. As a visual artist and composer, she indulges in creating diverse textures that expose the truths in the mundane. Right now, she is exploring the “space in between” both in her musical and visual art practice.

A lover of the interdisciplinary, Hilarie is a musician, theatre artist, visual artist, storyteller and activist interested in the connection between rural, urban and international art practice. In her studies, she has conducted research in both the arts and in community development as seen throughout her  thesis entitled: The Art of Connecting which studies community-based arts as restorative community practice. She is the Co-founder and Co-Artistic Director of Cardinal Cross Arts Company the betwixt-and-between Appalachian-New York feminist misfit theater: a growing womxn-led, interdisciplinary team of writers, directors, producers, performers, dramaturgs, and creative artists.

Hilarie is currently the Company Manager at Beth Morrison Projects and has previously worked with South Central Music + Arts academy, TimeSlips Creative Storytelling, HERE Arts Center, PROTOTYPE: Opera, Theatre, Now festival, Looking for Lilith Theatre Company in Louisville, KY, Arts in the Gap, her own “Living Stories” and “Music Within” workshops around devised storytelling and community songwriting. Hilarie has directed, music directed, and stage managed projects in Appalachia, New York, Nashville, Louisville, and surrounding areas. Hilarie has also told stories in her own workshops, Big Sandy Technical College, in Northern Ireland and in the Moth's Young Women's Voices festival. Hilarie also serves as a Quadrant Director on the board of the Kentucky Storytelling Association. Hilarie aspires to continue her work in community art practice to foster a narrative of strength for women and unheard voices. She lives somewhere between Appalachia and NYC with her two fur-babies Gypsy and Jasper.

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