Hilarie Rose Spangler 


As an Appalachian artist, storytelling and uncovering truth are at the forefront of what Hilarie is interested in.  As a theatre artist, she takes direction from seeking the individual truth present in the work and uncovering it through community-building, movement, and artistic media. As a visual artist, she indulges in creating diverse textures that exhibit the truths in everyday life, such as the sensory details of the earth, the mountains, and variations on mundane experiences.

A lover of the  interdisciplinary, Hilarie is a musician, theatre artist, visual artist, storyteller and activist interested in the connection between rural, urban and international art practice. In her studies, she has conducted research in both the arts and in community development as seen throughout her  thesis entitled: The Art of Connecting which studies creating complex economic structures with the foundation in community arts initiatives to support development and cultural identity. She is the Co-founder and Co-Artistic Director of Cardinal Cross Arts Company the betwixt-and-between Appalachian-New York feminist misfit theater: a growing womxn-led, interdisciplinary team of writers, directors, producers, performers, dramaturgs, and creative artists.

Hilarie is currently working with South Central Music and Arts as a piano, vocal and musical theatre instructor, has worked with HERE Arts Center as an assistant to Kristin Marting, festival assistant for PROTOTYPE: Opera, Theatre, Now festival, founded Living Stories, a collaborative workshop on storytelling in the present day. Hilarie can be seen on various directing, music directing, and stage managing projects in Appalachia, New York, Nashville, Louisville, and surrounding areas. She is also the Music Director of the annual Appalachian Youth Performing Arts Camp in Cumberland Gap, TN.  Hilarie has told stories in various settings, including her own workshops, in Northern Ireland and in the Moth's Young Women's Voices festival. Hilarie serves as a Quadrant Director on the board of the Kentucky Storytelling Association, is a member of Alternate ROOTS, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. Hilarie aspires to continue her work in community organizing to foster a narrative of strength for women and unheard voices. 

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