All I wanted was to let my work be another thread- a storyline into the soul that Iā€™m putting together.

Hilarie is an Appalachian Storyteller and musician and has been a featured storyteller in Northern Ireland under her amazing mentor Liz Weir, through her own workshops and in performance in the Moth's Young Women's Voices festival.

Through active research in Europe and in urban and rural communities in the U.S, Hilarie is actively interested in the modernizing of the Appalachian Storytelling Technique and utilizing her background in traditional storytelling in her visual and theatre work. Storytelling is a big method that Hilarie works within Community Theatre Making- from facilitating and participating in story circles to observing story as performance.

Hilarie presents on her research on Applied Storytelling and community building at various conferences. Check back for links to her thesis.

Want to get involved with storytelling in your community? Hilarie loves producing different story events- tailored to personal and community interest!